Quietude is an ecology of jewellery products and accessories that enhance the experience of deaf women in a sound-oriented world. The accessories detect sounds and translate them into shape changes, light patterns and vibrations. Wearing the accessories, the deaf women can perceive sounds through their body. Quietude addresses a number of needs of people with hearing impairment, from functional needs like ambient awareness, to hedonic needs like aesthetics.

In most commercial medical aids, the “functionality dimension” frequently overcomes social, cultural, psychological, aesthetic factors which are fundamental to address the experience of accessorizing and clothing the body. Quietude aims at balancing the tension between a functional approach to disability with an ethical and aesthetic exploration of technologies supporting disabilities.

PARTNERS: University of Siena, Santa Chiara Fab Lab (Project Coordinator), Glitch Factory, T4all

IN COLLABORATION WITH: University of Southern Denmark, Siena Art Institute