Patrizia Marti

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The Project

Palpable computing is a vision of Ubiquitous Computing that purposely addresses the ways in which humans meaningfully interact with the distributed computational systems that are available in the environment. The project developed a vision of UbiComp technologies as used, controlled, created and envisioned by people with different expectations and desires, by developing a middleware runtime infrastructure. The middleware runtime infrastructure was used to develop different application prototypes demonstrating the potential of the approach. Among the prototypes available from the project, a new concept of incubator has been developed with the main aim of making preterm birth a more sustainable experience for the baby and the caregivers, promoting the active involvement of parents and the medical staff in the care of the newborn.


The Computer Science Department at Lund University
Malmö University
Lancaster University - The department of Sociology in Lancaster
Aarhus School of Architecture (AAA)
Kings College, London University
Distributed Programming Laboratory, EPFL
Whitestein Technologies AG
The Alexandra Institute, Aarhus, Denmark

Subcontractors: Region Midtjylland Edaw, Edinburgh Lovejoy, Birmingham Malmö Hospital,"Ospedale Le Scotte", Siena.


Sponsored by

EU 6th FP-IST Information society technologies