Patrizia Marti

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Premature baby care

The Project

An adaptable monitoring system targeting the specific requirements of a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The system is composed of a set of new technologies for the unobtrusive monitoring of vital parameters. In particular, the mat that takes its form in a soft layer of gel, which is sensitized and capable of analyzing the micro-movements of the child and of surveying the pressure points on the child’s body, as well as the temperature; and the BioBelt, a sensitized band that permits the monitoring of the cardiac frequency, the respiratory frequency, the respiratory movements and the temperature. The technological design solutions developed during the project have an aesthetic focus on concepts of intimacy, fragility and (in)visibility to increase the attention on the social, emotional and intimate aspects in the design of healthcare technologies.

The Mat and the Bio-belt have been tested for their efficacy at the Azienda ospedaliera senese “Le Scotte”, Siena, Italy.


University of Siena
Dipartimento INDACO, Politecnico di Milano
Azienda ospedaliera senese “Le Scotte”


Sponsored by
Palcom project EU 6th FP-IST Information society technologies