Patrizia Marti

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Light & sound cylinders

The Project


A modular system composed of interactive modules. The system is used in rehabilitation sessions with elderly people affected by dementia to maintain their cognitive abilities. The patient can pile up the modules in different configurations, obtaining different local visual and audible feedback.

Examples of activities that have been designed are:

Colour Mix: it  mixes the colours of stacked cylinders. The pri­mary colours are red, green and blue (RGB) and they mix. The cylinders are initialized to one of the primary colours and the other colours can be obtained by mixing.

Sequence Match: it enables the patients to enumerate the cylinders and the system checks if the module are assembled in the right order (increasing or decreasing). When they are assembled correctly the application generates a sound feedback.




University of Siena

University of Southern Denmark

Casa protetta Albesani


Sponsored by

Fondazione Piacenza-Vigevano

Targetti Sankey Spa